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gabriel israel

gabriel israel

Master Photographer Gabriel Israel’s gift for fine art developed at an early age, when as a teen, he skillfully reimagined the famous works of Michelangelo and Rembrandt into chalk drawings.


His technical talent for drawing is undeniable, much like his photography - Gabriel describes them as one in the same. He refers to his photography as “light drawing”. “That’s what I do,” Gabriel says, “Drawing with light. For me it’s like art. You capture something, like a painting.”

Gabriel’s extensive travels have taken him to all corners of the world. Whether photographing the boundless beauty of nature, wildlife in remote mountain ranges, or people in colourful villages who have captured his attentive eye, he entices his audience with powerful images that solicit intense emotion.  The mastery of his photography has been compared to famed photographers Peter Lik and Gerhard Richter, and the quality of his work is, without a doubt, parallel to theirs.

gabriel's work

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